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The Silent War

The Silent War film adjusted from the Ting, Feng the Zhe (the sound of the breeze), a surveillance novel Plot Against the Mama Chia ,

distributed in 2005 and has been well known among perusers.

Recount the account of Heping (Liang Chao Wei), a daze piano player with amazing listening abilities that is pulledm

by Chang Xu Ning (Zhou Xun), a gifted female covert operative from Unit 701.

Go to the occasion to help snoop on the adversary who utilizes the Moss Code to communicate. During the Chinese political conflict of 1950 until it prompted a unique connection among him and her.

The Silent War

The Silent War

Albeit the abstract and the film appears as though an analytical covert operative film But take it for genuine This is an adoration film with a consecutive disorder between the public authority and the revolutionaries.

what’s more, the film’s account of an examination by wiretapping the Moss code to decipher news messages.

The development of the adversary makes The Silent War a troublesome movie. It isn’t not difficult to introduce a government agent story during.

a political conflict, where there is no shooting, the conflict scene, just tuning in to the voice and taking out a content code.

Be that as it may, shockingly, The Silent War is a fun and connecting with film. It’s even about unraveling that not very many general crowds will comprehend.ซีรีย์ออนไลน์

Its cycle But the film tells the strategy in a basic manner. Allow the crowd to comprehend and follow the story.

Alongside having a story past interpreting Is the direct of an examination average of a genuine covert agent film That when added to the deciphering Showing the significance of unraveling how genuine and loaded with life and demise

The film has an exceptionally reasonable creation plan, both in the set and the garments before me. That shows the refinement of the maker and configuration group.

It additionally has fantastic photography that supplements this film. It is quite possibly the most wonderful movies in the last of Hong Kong films.


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